Messages published in 4 2015

Performance of Delayed Message Exchange

The RabbitMQ has new exchange type which allows for delayed message delivery. You can read more about the Delayed Message plugin here and here.

The exchange works by checking message headers to determine whether the message has to be delayed, and then store message in Mnesia (RabbitMQ’s database) if necessary. All this will have an impact on performance of the exchange. To see how big the impact is, I decided to run some tests.

RabbitMQ gets support for delayed messages delivery

Recently, new plugin for RabbitMQ was created which provides support for delayed messaging. The plugin adds new exchange type to RabbitMQ which will store messages internally, using Mnesia, until they are scheduled for delivery. This provides a protection in case the server goes down. The beauty of this solution is that it keeps everything inside RabbitMQ and doesn’t require installing any additional software. It will also simplify RabbitMQ configuration when compared to solutions based on Dead Letter Exchanges and message TTL.

The plugin is currently in experimental phase, but hopefully community will provide precious feedback and allow it to become production ready.