Learning PowerShell

Mariusz Wojcik

For some time now I wanted to learn PowerShell. I have seen some samples on the internet, even used one or two but never had a chance to sit down and learn it. Until now. Recently I have joined Microsoft Virtual Academy and one of the first modules I did was Getting Started with PowerShell 3.0 Jump Start followed by Advanced Tools & Scripting with PowerShell 3.0 Jump Start. Both modules are run by Jason Helmick and Jeffrey Snover.

First module introduces PowerShell and explains some basics, such as getting help, how to use pipeline or remoting. It has enough information to start using PowerShell as a consumer. I must say that as a developer I found it very useful, especially part about remoting. The second module goes deeper into the power of PowerShell and is mostly about extending it with own functions or modules. If you are thinking about creating some custom cmdlets, you have to watch this module. As a matter of fact, the material covered in the jump starts was enough for me to go and start creating my own module RabbitMQTools for administering RabbitMQ servers. During next few months I plan to share my discoveries related to writing PowerShell modules, so keep watching my blog.

For anyone who wants to start using PowerShell I strongly recommend watching those modules.